Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009!

It's already day 5 of 2009! So, how many resolutions have you broken so far?

Have you thought about what you want this year to look like? Do you know what you want to be different in 365 days? (Well, 360 & dwindling.) Ah, the power of goals. So, got some?

I just spent the past week settling on my 2009 goals. I'm a list person - love making them, love checking them off. Unfortunately, I can spend too long making them & not long enough checking them off, but hey, always room for improvement!

And speaking of improvement, here are a few of my 2009 goals:

1) Read 1 nonfiction book a month. No, crossword books don't count.

2) Launch Toothpick Doll Craft Kits. Everything you need to make your very own toothpick doll, except a third hand.

3) Be a craft vendor at a fair. There's this Pirate Fest in southern Georgia...

4) Submit my work for feature in a doll magazine, like Art Doll Quarterly. It could happen!

5) Work through a Chinese Language study course. Why, oh why couldn't I want to learn Spanish?

6) Complete a manuscript for a fiction book. Imagine all the room I'll have in my head when I get that out of there!

So, what about you? Got goals for 2009? How about just for January? Post them!

"He who does not plan, plans to fail." Or something like that. Happy 2009!


Malissa said...

The only resolution I have for the year is to live in the now. I only get frustrated when I make too many and look back on an unfufilled list so I kept is simple this year. Happy 2009!