Friday, January 23, 2009

Get a Free Doll Kit!

Everything you need to make your very own toothpick doll, except a third hand.

I'm getting ready to launch a new product & I need your help! Toothpick doll kits are themed kits with instructions that are easy to follow & entertaining. They'll include everything you need, from glue to scissors to thread to fun extras. Perfect for an afternoon craft or a project to take on a trip with you.

Want to be a tester?

If you'd like to know how to make a basic toothpick doll, sign up to be a kit tester. I'll send you a sample kit for free in exchange for your feedback (I will send a one-page comment sheet with each kit, or you can fill out a short online comment form). The first two kits offered will be a Pirate kit & a Princess kit.

To sign up, email me ( with the following information:


Age (Must be 12 years or older. Preference will be given to volunteers age 12-18, but I will be sending sample kits to 18+ as well)


Mailing Address

Theme Preference (Pirate or Princess)

Space is limited, & the list will fill on a first-come basis, so please sign up quickly! If you know of someone (daughter, friend, sister) who would be interested, send 'em on over here!

Deadline to sign up: January 31


Jemjoop said...

Cool sign up, I'll try to find some young people to send your way :O)

There's something for you on my blog if you get a chance to check it out.