Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do You Flickr?

WARNING: Browsing the many fascinating pages of Flickr can lead to the sudden loss of your entire afternoon and/or evening. Particularly when stumbling upon such photostreams as this one by Etsy's Team Miniatures in Dollhouse Scale. Grab a beverage first!

Do you like the toothpick dolls & Penny People you've seen on The Elegant Toothpick? Want to see more? When I've got new pictures to post, the first place they show up is on my photostream at Flickr. Works in progress, finished characters, and experimental projects all seem to end here, where they get along quite nicely.

This is Nereida, a 1-inch tall mermaid in a frame box. Find her & others like her in my photostream.

Have a Flickr account? Add me as a contact! I'm always looking for more photostream paths to wander down...


Malissa said...

I have a flickr account and add pics, but I really don't know how to do anything else on there. I'll have to go check out your stuff and figure out how to add contacts.
The mermaid is a favorite of this pisces girl! I love how she sparkles!

julie mitchell said...

Wow! She is wonderful...enjoy, julie