Monday, January 12, 2009

Queen of Hearts Toothpick Doll Sketch

I get so excited about starting a new doll. Because so few people make toothpick dolls, it's generally a make-it-up-as-you-go art. I learn something new with every doll I make.

My next over-ambitious project?

The Queen of Hearts - a three-inch study.
Reasons I'm excited about this doll:
~ The way-too-big-for-her-head Marie Antoinette style wig. Still working out the design, but should be fun.
~The large heart on the bodice will be entirely jewelled with teeny tiny glass micro-beads of reds, pinks, & blacks.
~ The crazy stand-out collar. No clue how I'm going to do that.
~ The million layers of skirt this woman will have, from the subtle stripe of the first layer to the heavy pink silk of the top layer.
Now, doll-makers will tell you that as they work, the doll will seem to develop her own personality, even dictating what details she should be given as she is completed. I tell you this in the faint hope you won't consider me too far gone when I say that I can already tell this lady is a snob. I had to rework the above sketch so many times because she didn't like the sleeve detail, or the collar wasn't right, or the skirt wasn't grand enough. You'll notice her head is not yet attached to her body - it's because we're still in negotiations on the exact style of wig.
Want to see how she progresses? Eager to find out which of us will win the battle of wills? (So am I!) Check back often - I'll be posting her progress regularly. You'll get to see photos of a toothpick doll from start to finish - that, or me breaking toothpicks in half if she & I don't get along.

Remember at the beginning, when I said that so few people make toothpick dolls? Want to know what you can do to change that awful truth? Check out the Toothpick Doll Tutorial (see the December 2008 blog archive on the right side of this page) & learn how to make a Toothpick Doll! Then, send me a picture! Together, we can bring the knowledge of toothpick dolls to the world! (End of melodramatic rant.)


Malissa said...

She is going to be gorgeous!!
I am so excited to see how she progresses!
I still want to make a toothpick doll (for myself), but I have to get my Valentine projects done in time to (hopefully) sell for the holiday.
I think I'm going to try a medieval princess-probably too ambitious for my first, but I love a challenge!

Jemjoop said...

How fun! What a beautiful dress. The oversize Marie Antoinette wig sounds like an exciting challenge. Jen ♥

Anne-the-Cat said...

Wow, that'll be awesome! Say...when did you plan to do your advanced doll tutorial set? I can't wait!