Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ze Important French Award

Mealy Monster has bestowed on Angela Michelle Dolls the quite important & impressive-looking Marie Antoinette award! Merci, Mealy! We are highly honored & duly big-headed today about the whole thing.

In keeping of the spirit of the game, I have nominated the following equally fabulous blogs:

Sleepy Hollow Folk Art Originals

"Masquerade" - 1-inch Penny People

the RULES of de game

1 Please ad the logo on your blog

2 Place a link to the person from whom you received the award.

3 nominate at least 7 or more blogs

4 put the links to those blogs on your blog

5 leave a message on their blogs to tell them they are the chosen ones


Malissa said...

You go girl!(yah, I still say that) You really deserve it, and thanks for nominating me! I'll post and pass it on tonight or tomorrow.
Oh, and got ya signed up for the swap! Thanks for joining and don't forget to post the button on your blog to help spread the word!

Femin Susan said...

Your blog looks awesome with photos. It looks breathe taking and too good for words. I like your blog……

Wishing you "A Merry X'Mas and A Happy New Year''.

Fantastic Figments said...


I love the new little one sooo cute. The Nutcracker is proudly hanging from my little tree. Thank you sooooo very much! Bring it a lot of cheer.

A very merry one to you are yours,

Anne-the-Cat said...

I can't wait for the next set of tutorials!!