Thursday, December 4, 2008

Toothpick Doll Tutorial #4: Finally a Head!

Tutorial & Giveaway!

All this week, I'm doing a toothpick doll tutorial, & at the end of the week, I'll give away my finished doll. To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on any of the Tutorial blog posts. Since there's a new post every day this week, you can enter every day! I'll announce the winner on Monday, Dec. 8. Enjoy the tutorial! Oh, & take some pictures of your dolls - I want to see them!

Just How Do You Make Those Heads?
This is probably the question I get asked most often. So now, just for you, I shall reveal the Secret of the Head. Take good notes.

Start your thread where your shoulders left off & wrap along the toothpick until you reach the end. From here on out, just wrap back & forth along that toothpick until you get a head-shape. Don't worry - there are pictures to follow! I'm not just leaving you with that.

TIP: When you get to the end of the toothpick (like in the picture above), put a little dot of glue there & use that to help secure the thread wrapping at the end. This small act will single-handedly save your sanity.

See in the picture above - you just wrap back & forth until you're satisfied. Where you need to, put a dab of glue to hold the thread in place. This takes practice! I give you full permission to let your very first doll be a conehead. Mine had a rather thin oval for a head - give yourself a break! Now, when you're finished, end of the thread at the back.

Don't get too excited - you're not done yet! Now it's time to seal the head.

Put some drops of glue around the top & chin of your head (well, your doll's head, then). With your finger, smooth the glue OVER THE ENTIRE HEAD. Try to do it in just a few smooth wipes, then let the head dry. The glue will dry clear.

WARNING: Failure to seal the head can result in your head popping off. If this happens to you, I will probably be able to hear your wretched wail from here. Don't let your head pop off!

NOW, you're done. Take a deep breath, your doll looks lovely! At this point, you should feel so proud of yourself that you don't even mind that your doll is as bald as a beach ball.

Tomorrow: Hairstyles in Miniature

But first - if you would like curly hair for your doll, there's one more step you need to do today. Wrap some thread around a toothpick & secure it with a small piece of tape. Soak it for about an hour or so & let it dry overnight. Tomorrow, you shall have curls. Be safe & wrap 3-4 toothpicks of hair to make sure you have enough. Make it 12 if you're going for the Rapunzel look. (Not recommended on your first doll, by the way!)

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Fantastic Figments said...

Amazing tutorial I can't wait to try mine!

thank you for the prayers! I will pass them onto my mom as well.

Thank you about the painting. I hate that the picture does it no justice becuase the real one from a few feet back is just so nice!


Malissa said...

hmmm, I must have missed a step because I ended up with glue all over my chin and in my hair. And my dolls head fell off!

Lady Artisan said...

Oh, I wish I could bring myself to start another project--I'm really loving this tutorial! But I've got way too many going on now. Hope you keep this up for awhile, I definitely want to try it out. I think the head is going to be quite a challenge, though....

Kala Pohl Studio said...

I am absolutely fascinated with the toothpick doll tutorials. Wonderful job:):)

Malissa said...

not so patiently waiting for #5! I'll check back tonight! I went to your etsy shop and fell in love with the flowers in the wind elf fairy!

Cecca said...

Great tutorial! really clear but also hilarious :-) I'm looking forward to glueing my chin to my hair :-)