Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Toothpick Doll Tutorial #3: A Shoulder to Lean On

Tutorial & Giveaway!

All this week, I'm doing a toothpick doll tutorial, & at the end of the week, I'll give away my finished doll. To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on any of the Tutorial blog posts. Since there's a new post every day this week, you can enter every day! I'll announce the winner on Monday, Dec. 8. Enjoy the tutorial! Oh, & take some pictures of your dolls - I want to see them!

Today is All About the Shoulders

Shoulders are tricky, fair warning! I'm going to give you some tips to make them easy & beautiful. Start your shoulder at the back of your doll, about 1/2 down from the neck. Glue the end of the thread in place between the arms.Now flip the doll over & put a light line of glue down both arms from the bottom of the shoulders up to the neck, like in the picture above. If you want a little added security, put a line of glue on the front as well. Don't get too glue-happy here - you don't want glue squishing out between the threads. Your doll will appreciate your restraint. Take your time & start wrapping the thread around to form the shoulders. Wrap up toward the neck. Try to get the wraps as close to each other as possible. The glue will go a long way towards making your thread stay in place, but you may need to press it in place some with your finger as well. Go slow, take your time, don't stress. If you end up with a messy spot on your shoulders, we'll stick a bow on it at the end. Oh, the wonderful power of bows!Keep wrapping up until you get to the neck. Wrap a couple times around the neck, then end the thread. Tada! You have shoulders! Go you.

Tomorrow: Turning the Spindly Head into a Real Head

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Malissa said...

Ahh, the power of a bow, button, flower...and my personal favorite-glitter. You can always hide a mistake with something fun!

Vicky Guile said...

Hi Angela,

There is something on my blog for you :o)


Jenn said...

oh my goodness HOW CUTE!
I love all the little characters you've created!!! xox...jenn

Lady Artisan said...

Still fabulous! I love the cover-up idea in case you over-glue :D Can't wait for the rest.

Alicia said...

Love the color of the dress and shoulders