Saturday, October 25, 2008

Round Robin - The Herald of Spring

The Etsy Dolls & Miniatures Team is holding a Round Robin event! We've each been paired with other Dolls & Miniatures artists to make a piece together to celebrate Spring (yes, we know it's fall - we're planning early!).

My partner is the wonderfully talented Kyeliza, who makes whimsical dolls out of vintage spice tins. You have got to check these out - they're incredible!

So how do Spice Dolls and Toothpick Dolls go together in a collaboration? Not sure. But Spice Dolls & Penny People go together beautifully! Our piece is "The Herald of Spring." He'll be one of Ky's spice dolls with the front of the tin cut out to reveal his mechanical innards - gears, springs, cogs, the works! Tiny 1" Penny People will be industriously at work, oiling & cleaning the gears to prepare the Herald for his big Announcement of spring's arrival. He's the Herald of Spring, showing his springs!
Keep watching for sketches, progress photos, and the finished product!
Oh, and if you haven't stopped by Etsy's shiny new Dolls & Miniatures category, make yourself a cup of tea & head on over! There are some quite talented artists running around in there!


Ky Eliza said...

Hooray! What a great entry!

I can't wait to see the final guy...