Friday, October 31, 2008

Elf 1 Makes an Appearance

Today is Elf Day for me - I'm making the three elves that will go into the Herald of Spring (see earlier posts to catch up!), & I'll be posting my progress all day long. Check back often! You never know what trouble a 1-inch elf can get into!
Here's the start of the 3 little elves who will be repairing the Herald of Spring (Round Robin collaboration with Kyeliza). Another little Jester I'm using for scale is looking rather disdainfully at the 3 heads before him. He doesn't remember that at one point he was just a head, too!

We're getting farther...the Jester has stuck around long enough to see this wee one get dressed in his purple & green striped tunic. Arms & legs are beginning, too. But it seems the Jester does still have reason to laugh - this elf is bald, & has no cap! Elves without hat or hair are often laughed at in the world of Penny People, I'm afraid. I've yet to teach them otherwise.
Aha! Hair, real arms & legs, pointed shoes, and...well, the beginnings of a cap. Apparently the elf doesn't feel quite presentable yet - you'll see he's turned away from the prying eyes of the camera, & is staying out of eyesight of that opinionated Jester.

He's here, he's here! Now, where did that Jester go? Probably off sulking because he doesn't have a daisy belt buckle. Oh, well - One elf, ready to work! He's all set with a tiny gear he's trying to find the perfect spot for. Unfortunately, he's the only elf that will actually be working, as you'll see. His two companions to come may be more trouble than help in getting the Herald of Spring oiled & primed to make his big announcement!


LoopyBoopy said...

Amazing Angela!! I have no idea how you can work so is mind boggling to me. I cant' wait to see the other elves and the finished piece. Now tell that pesky jester to behave1