Friday, October 31, 2008

Elf 2 Peeks In

For Round Robin Collaboration:

The second little elf in the series is making his way tentatively into the world. You'll notice the Jester has wandered off. Don't worry, he's not still sulking, his memory isn't that long (tiny head, tiny brain, tiny attention span). But the Penny Princess has been lured out to watch the proceedings, no doubt by this elf's cultured fashion sense (his use of pink).
The little green sticks are his legs, & the wee pink dots are his shoes (he'd better not lose one - I'm not making him another!). The string I'm holding in the photo is the beginning of his arms. It's actually 3 strands of 6-ply embroidery floss. One end is taped to the table, & I hold the other end while I glue a thin piece of wire to the strands. Can you see the wire? (Ok, squint!) I'll cover it with another 3 strands of floss, then roll it to form a circular tube. Presto! Arms.