Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In Progress: Beaded Evening Gown

This poor doll has been so patient. She's been in progress for well over a year now, watching as Penny People, Dolled Up Photo Frames, and other projects spring up around her. She will get finished, though, and hopefully soon.
See the fringe on her gown? Well, that thing is one reason she's sat on the shelf for so long. See, each strand in that intricate fringe is beaded separately and individually glued in place to ensure that perfectly even edge that rises up to a point in front. If she weren't so particular about the placement of those tiny little beads, she might be finished by now. But she is, and so she's not.
Her bodice separates her from other dolls I've done in the past as well. It's covered in several pieces of black lace, carefully cut & placed to show off the floral motif. Between that, her satin gown & her beaded fringe, she may be waiting just a little longer until I have both the time & energy to finish her toilette. But then again, aren't all sophisticated ladies entitled to be fashionably late?


Jennifer said...

angela!! you are soooo talented!! your creations are absolutely incredible and beautiful!! i still have the little green man you gave to me in college! :-)

Wild Child Dzigns said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog, I appreciate it! Glad ya liked the featured item. Oh, and you have some very interesting pieces....I have never seen anything like it before.....I dig originality :-D

QuirkyDolls said...

Unbelieveable Detail! I'm sure she is being patient if she knows your other work