Monday, March 30, 2009

The Toothpick Princesses Arrive, Fashionably Late

Finally! You should feel quite special. The Toothpick Princesses have finally consented to allow their picture to be taken. We have, in order of appearance, Madeline Lily, Isabella Rose, & Alyssa Violet.

These dainty ladies are part of a kit I'm developing, which will be available in June. The kit will include instructions & materials to make the three characters above, provided you're willing to put up with these picky princesses on your crafting table! I've promised my kit testers that I would give them a teaser of the dolls they're going to be testing in April. I'm working on a Pirate kit (see previous posting).

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Now, if I may, allow me to introduce the Princesses in a more befitting manner:

Isabella Rose will be your guide to making these dolls. All of the instructions will be given in her point of view, and she will ask that you kindly pay special attention when constructing her hat. And when you arrange her hair, be sure to give it the proper length. If it worked for Rapunzel...

Years ago, Madeline Lily read in Princess Perfection that princes who run afoul of the local swamp witch frequently end up as frogs. Enter Ferdinand, the friendly green frog. He may not be a prince, but he sure can write sonnets!

Alyssa Violet has a head on her shoulders - one she hopes is the fairest in the land. To assure her of her status on the Prettiest Princess list, Alyssa obtained a Magic Mirror. Although in addition to giving Alyssa her current ranking (right now, she's number 4), this Mirror also alerts her to any local sales, and provides the quickest route, among other things.

Keep on eye out for more stories & introductions for both the Princesses & Pirates!


QuirkyDolls said...

Don't spend tons of time developing a lot of kits. Offer one or two and see how it goes. I have found shoppers want product and not kits. I spent way too much time developing kits over the last few years. Sold a few at Christmas. Now I'm making product instead

Flossiekat said...

Dear friend, I am convinced that if one was to trace your lineage, you would certainly be related to Job in the bible. Your patience is astounding! Your dolls are delightful! Adding you to favorites for sure!