Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Attack of the Toothpick Pirates!

They've landed! Captain James Kelly, center. His first (& only) mate, Lucky Pete. Stowaway, Calico Anne.

These swashbuckling adventurers are part of a kit I'm developing, which will be available in June. The kit will include instructions & materials to make the three characters above, provided you're brave enough to allow these rogues onto your crafting table! I've promised my kit testers that I would give them a teaser of the dolls they're going to be testing in April. I'm working on a Princess kit as well, but the royal ladies are still fixing their hair and were mortified at the thought of getting their pictures taken yet. Hopefully we'll see them next week!

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Without further ado, a quick introduction to our band of Pirates:

Captain James Kelly is in command, or tries to be. I hope you like the looks of him, because he will be your narrator as you craft these toothpick pirates. The instructions will be from his perspective, pirate slang and all. I did convince him to be family friendly, I promise! From his sword to his jaunty tri-corner hat, he'll teach you everything you need to know (with side comments!).

First Mate Lucky Pete & his pet parrot, Percy, work their hardest to keep the Captain's ship afloat, minus a few leaks here & there. Percy is always ready to point out which spots Lucky Pete has missed. Even with his eye-patch & peg leg, this pirate is a faithful hand at the mast!

Calico Anne has had such trouble living out her dream to sail the open seas. No one wants a girl on their ship, so Anne snuck on to Captain Kelly's ship - after all, she only had to sneak past two people! She was soon discovered, but the fact that she brings along a treasure map helps make her company a little more bearable. Of course, it would be nice if she weren't such a clutz - she's slipped and dropped that map over the side of the ship more times than anyone cares to count!

That's all for now!


Jean Day said...

They are terrific, with their own story too!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I really love your blog!

Stop by my blog, I gave you a Kreativ Blog award and would like for you to pass it on.

Cathy, the Pixie Wildflower

Malissa said...

The kits are going to be fabulous! I love the stories that go with them and can't wait to try my test kit!

Malissa said...

I wanted to give you the secret to my productivity...Neglect everything else. The house looks like a tornado went through it, my craft room became such a mess it morphed into other areas of the house, dishes piles, laundry out of control, my 6 yr old has become quite self sufficient, and I think I lost my husband somewhere under the piles of fabric and hot glue....better start looking for him!