Monday, December 7, 2009

Break from the Lady

Quick break from the Lady of Toothpicks (see previous post) to bring word of some toothpick folks who were rather insistent at having their pictures shown.

The Nutcracker. Charming as all princes should be, except when you shove a nut in his mouth. Please refrain.

St. Nicholas. Not to be confused with his rather chubbier counterpart. Will sing old English Christmas Carols when no one is listening.

Ah, the angel! Taking a break from her normal angelic duties to grace your Christmas tree. Has also been spotted with blonde, brown, or black hair.

These are my toothpick doll ornaments of the season! Travel to the Angela Michelle Dolls online shop on Etsy to see more variations and invite one home to your tree.

Merry Christmas to you!


Carla Gabriela said...

Hi, your dolls are fantastic, I tried doing one if you want to see here is my blog for the first one I think it didn't stay ver bad.