Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ADO Travelling Doll Project

Late last year, I signed up to be part of a Travelling Doll Project with the doll-makers' group, Art Dolls Only. I tried not to think about what a huge challenge it would be for me, considering that the dolls I make are MINIATURE, and I'd be working on several LARGE dolls (for me, anything over 5 inches is massive).

Basically, I made the beginnings of a doll, then sent her on to the next person on my team. She added whatever she wanted, then sent the doll on to the next person. And so it goes until my doll has been in the hands of each of my 4 other team mates. When I get her back in June, she will be completed, and 5 doll artists (including myself) will have worked on her. While my doll is winging her way around the country and world, each of my other team mates has been sending their dolls around, also. So, we have 5 different dolls making the rounds, and each person will end up with the doll that she originally started. Got it? Good.

We've been at this since January, and here's what happened on the first round of the TDP:

Travel over to Art Dolls Only Travelling Doll Project Blog for my report on the doll I made to send out, Nadia. If you have time, look through the blog! There are several teams going right now, and the dolls are fabulous!


contar said...

la idea es genial seguro que serán toda una obra de arte.
un abrazo

The idea is a brilliant assurance that they will be the whole work of art.
An embrace

dora said...

!Que idea tanoriginal!. Estoy deseando ver el resultado, será una obra de arte.
Besos Carmen

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