Thursday, July 3, 2008

Do you ever grow out of creativity?

I love doing crafts with kids. One kid, a group of kids, the joy's the same. When a child finishes a craft project, and holds in her (or his!) hands something she's made herself, you can't beat that look. Do we ever grow out of that? That desire to make something, or the feeling you get when you finish a project? Teach a grown woman how to bead a necklace, and you'd think you were looking into the face of that child again.
Creativity builds self confidence - that pull to create is written into us. After all, we're made in the image of our Creator; is it any wonder we like to create?
So go make...something! Learn to bead, pull out the macrame from the waaay back of the closet, take a cake decorating class, sit down with some kids & color - just get creatin'!
And then send me a picture. This, I gotta see!


Unknown said...

You don't grow out of creativity, it's beaten out of you. Usually by your job(s).