Monday, July 7, 2008

Could you use free kids craft projects?

I know, I know. Miniature art dolls and free kids crafts projects don't normally combine. But in my world, there's nothing more natural. I grew up doing crafts. Plastic beads, pom-poms, construction paper - we had a loot of craft supplies that made sure the doors of our imaginations were always open. The result? You get used to a world of color, creativity, & possibility. Get kids creating, and who knows what they'll be able to come up with? For me, it led to the craft of dollmaking.
Need a free kids project? About once a month, I send out the Angela Michelle Dolls newsletter, an email newlsetter that contains a free kids craft project, fun trivia, and even an article on a behind-the-scenes technique for the Elegant Toothpick dolls (see image below in the post below). If you're looking for fun & low-budget kids' craft ideas, sign up! It's a free newsletter, and easy to join. Come by, enter your name & email, and you're good to go.
Tomorrow (Tuesday), I'll be sending out July's newsletter, with the instructions for these fun foam door hangers. If you miss the newsletter & want the craft project, email me or leave a comment here & I'll shoot the instructions to you.

2 comments: said...

That's a cool newsletter to have. In my world, everything is connected too. Art, tutoring, crafts, work, gardening, pigeons... lol

PiercedBeauty said...

Hey :)

Thanks for your comment on my blog - appologies for the delayed reply, i have been traveling around NZ since the 5th July, only managed to get internet access today for the first time since i left! It amazed me at how dependant i am on internet and computers! Without them im at a loss lol.

ACEO's are little baseball card sized pieces of art. They can be painted, they can be prints, they can be mixed media etc. I am going to make little prints of my art work. Its a cheaper way to get my art out there and apparently they are REALLY popular on Etsy and sell very well - its worth a try :) Something you might be able to do it take pictures of your dolls and sell them.

Your dolls are BEAUTIFUL by the way!! So elegantly crafted :)

MAN that was a long comment wasn't it? Hehe - you have been bookmarked :) xxxx