Monday, June 8, 2009

Clip a Doll

I'm always trying to come up with excuses to have dolls around (like you need one). I have:

- put dolls on photo frames

- displayed them in hoity-toity glass domes (not recommended if the doll already has an overblown ego - this really sends them into diva mode)

- turned them into earrings (a much smaller 1" version of them - not quite sure anyone would want a 3" doll earring, although I could be wrong. Maybe.)

- hung them as Christmas ornaments (clarification: attached a hanger to the back of the doll. I do not hang dolls.)

Now, toothpick dolls find themselves in two new places to help them better see the world:

As a pin...

And attached to a clothespin (with a magnet on the back)...

The world is always interesting when seen from a miniature doll's perspective. Now that toothpick dolls are even more portable, we'll have to see what new stories they come back with. Sure beats carrying them around in your jeans pocket. I did this when young and stupid and soon learned what a wretched sight a toothpick doll with a broken neck makes.
Want to see more pins & clips?


Jennifer said...

LOVE the pins and magnet clips! are you selling the pins? maybe i need one for Ellee's bag. you amaze me every time i see your work, ang. :-)

Jennifer said...

ha! i didn't even notice the time or anything. :-) i haven't been very good at keeping up with blogging, so i've just spent some time trying to catch up a little.

thanks! :-)

i'll go check out your link!

Nerd Goddess said...

That's a WONDERFUL idea! I love the idea of clipping one to my backpack or purse. When I have money again (haha, so funny!) I may just have to get one for myself. :)

April said...

Hi. I just found your blog today. Thankyou so much for posting your basic tutorial.

I made my first toothpick "worry doll" sometime back when I was in high school (at least 15 years ago myself) based off a pamphlet I found at the local craft store. I haven't made them in years though...but was looking up the instructions so I could make a couple for my daughter to play with since she loves mini-anything.

I am so amazed by your toothpick dolls (and inspired too!). You do very beautiful work and have a really awesome blog. I'm going to make my first toothpick doll in over a decade tomorrow based off of your tutorial...I'll be sure to send you a picture. :)